Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Has Arrived..for now

After unseasonably dry, warm weather it's begun to cool off here.  The leaves are starting to turn and fall off the trees.  Days are getting shorter and soon I'll probably need to take a different route on my evening walks because the park seems a tad spooky once the sun begins to set.  Apparently by next weekend the temps will be back up in the mid to upper 80s.  Yea!  I love the change in seasons, but the cooler temps can just hold off a bit longer.

We had our annual family golf tournament.  Change of venue this year, so I had to buy some lefty clubs since they didn't have rentals.  Miniature golf is more my speed; however, we had a great time and the kids all got to ride back home in Cousin Jay's vintage fire truck. 

The last week or so we've been thrilled to have our happy little boy back.  He's not as concerned with germs and food.  We got an email from his teacher concerned with his not eating snacks.  We suspect he was concerned about the other child at his school with CF.  Apparently they ran into each other in the office and while Max knows to keep his distance, the other child didn't.  We explained 3' rule and short of coughing on or licking each other, they should be okay.  So he's been eating and drinking better.  Hopefully we can get his weight up before his well child and cf clinic appointments this Fall/Winter.

Last weekend he was a ring bearer in his cousin's wedding.  Or ring BEAR as he liked to refer to himself and growled at people before the wedding.  Being I was in charge of the camera, I don't believe there are any photos of me this time around.  And I actually wore a dress and heels again.

So life is good.  I've gotten of my pity pot.  There are others who have it much worse than us.  Need not to worry so much!

Just a few weeks until the 2nd Annual Brewer's Ball.  Should be awesome!

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