Friday, March 11, 2011

Yea, it's Friday

TGIF and about the time we head home from work...a blizzard hits.  Oh joy.  At least we can stay home and watch a bunch of ugly American whiners on House Hunters International.  Even Spittlefish thought the whining was a bit much tonight.  Not MY whining, but the single gal from NYC.

Glad the week is over.  LG had a craptastic week of personnel issues, people annoyed with his boss and taking it out on him. He was so stressed he didn't even go to the "drunken place" as Spittlefish calls it, to unwind after work.   I was surrounded by sick people all week who thought they were to important to stay home and decided to spread their germs and happiness.  Even some little girl at Spittlefish's gymnastics group hurled.  Yea!  My boss apparently got sick suddenly Wednesday morning and hit the road.   Glad he did; however, we had several reports to get out for a meeting Monday night and I wasn't privy to a bunch of the technical data and my other supervisor decided to ditch work the next day.  However, I was figuring things out and was bound and determined to show everyone how great I was.  Making great progress and then my supervisor emails me and asks me to send him the reports.  Oh well, I done good, he didn't have to modify much of anything and I pretty much made it known what a good little worker bee I was.  Oh and don't get me started about the coven of office witches up front who bring back such fond memories of junior high.  I just don't understand how some people can be so miserable and unhappy 24-7.  Wow!

Was planning to spray Lysol all over the big boss' office; however, he felt better and was back at work this morning.  Figured he wouldn't appreciate fumigating him.  Was a slow day at work and was going to volunteer to fill sandbags at the County shop in preparation of the spring melt (flood), but they were turning away workers.  I was planning to hang out with the convicts and street crew.  Oh well.

Spittlefish was pretty much possessed this week.  Tuesday he got the dreaded "blue" on his school behavior calendar, but couldn't remember why he got in trouble.  Emailed his teacher for an explanation so we could punish his punk ass.  Next day ANOTHER blue with explanation "not following directions".  Had a come to Jesus meeting, explained no video games during his vest -- he'd have to watch cartoons if he got another blue.  Yesterday I ask him what color he got -- mumble mumble... What was that?  He replies "I did na nah na nah nahhhh".  Lovely talking back to the teacher.  That's my boy.  Made him write a letter to his teacher apologizing.  Today no school, so he was warned to be good in daycare or else.  He was okay, but refused to eat lunch except milk because the noodles weren't to his liking, the corn was mush and he didn't have time to eat his cake or bread or pears.  Wow!

So we're waiting out the blizzard and here's hoping tomorrow -- the next week will be a vast improvement and that none of us catch whatever all the sickies had at work, etc.

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