Friday, July 12, 2013

Been Awhile -- Summer 2013

Hard to believe we started this journey with CF 10 years ago!  Seems like only yesterday...
My last post occurred in December after a CF check up in the Cities, where it was proclaimed by Max's CF Doctor and ENT that he was boring!  A good thing.  No surprises.  Adequate weight gain...

In June we went back to the City for a lung scan and appointments with the CF Doctor and ENT again.  He's gained almost 10 pounds and has grown at least an inch.  There are some issues with his upper right lobe.  So in addition to his 3 vest treatments a day, we're doing some targeted CPT (chest physiotherapy).  He'll got back in December for another lung scan and go from there.  May have to look at a tune up (IV antibiotics and hospital stay).  He has no cough, sinuses are under control...  He also had a high result after a two hour glucose tolerance test.  His fasting blood sugars were normal.  With his needle phobia, we're just going to monitor it..  Don't think he'd tolerate 2 weeks of glucose checks.  We're assuming the high result was due to excessive stress while waiting 2 hours for the second draw.

Summer means weekends at the lake and spending time with cousins -- playing in the water, watching dvds....  Noticed they're not bundled up like they were in  my last post.  We've gone fishing, attempted swimming again.  Blown up things with fireworks...  Weather has been great!

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