Friday, December 14, 2012

What Happened to Autumn?

Can't believe how quickly time passes!  Since my last post we've celebrated Halloween!  This year our son wanted to be a Mummy!  I glued gauze to a white shirt, wrapped his head.  Unfortunately I was unable to find any white sweatpants.  Most were located in the girl's department and had pink or purple glitter logos.  So I opted for.... Shhhh!  Don't tell him... Off-white tights, which I referred to as pants with feet.

Here he is at our friend's home after getting a bag of loot.  They always get him the coolest things, although this years included Mexican Jumping Beans and those creepy little things ONLY jump in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping or gone.  Try watching Criminal Minds and hearing the scritch scritch of jumping beans in the dead of night.

Next up we had November and cooler weather.  Snuggling in on weekends with his furry brother.

We also had Thanksgiving with a over 48 relatives attending.  You may recall we also had a special meeting (intervention?) at his school in October.  As parents we had to take 2 extensive tests regarding behavior, psychology....  Results came back and our child is normal.  Not attention deficit.  It was explained that if he truly had issues, it wouldn't just be happening at school and we as parents would be mentally wrecked.  He just has other things on his mind, tries to avoid doing any work he perceives is too hard.  He also graduated from Occupational Therapy which he was in due to writing issues.  Anyway, they don't want to see him slip thru the cracks, so he'll continue to monitored, but he's now expected to complete school work in class and if he doesn't.... It gets sent home with him.  And if he does well, each week we're setting up some sort of reward program.  New app on the ipad, steak dinner.  We believe a lot of his issues stem from whatever happened back in July to turn him into a raving germaphobe.

December arrived and it was a balmy 58F.  Went to Christmas on the Prairie with Grandpa.  Ate cookies, listened to music, got to make a key chain with the blacksmith, go on carriage rides....

Semi Annual Doctor's appointment and flu shot.  Talked a good game and wasn't going to freak out, but when the time came, Mommy almost got a needle in the leg again.  Weight was disappointing for the doctor and with SP in the room with me, I couldn't really explain that he'd actually regained weight from his germaphobic freak out phase this summer. 

He's been eating steak, chocolate chip cookies... And the other night he finally tipped the scales at 61.8 pounds.  So he weighs more than he did back in June.  Just have to keep on it.  He ate 5 cookies 3 nights in a row.  I had to make cookies over my lunch hour.  Had a bit of a scare a couple days ago when he picked up a dreaded stomach bug; however, it was very short lived.  Phew!

Finally got the tree up and decorated this weekend.  Next up we've got a wedding to attend this weekend.  Next up is finishing holiday shopping.  Wrapping presents...  Enjoying the holidays and then a trip to the City for CF and ENT appointments.  Hopefully he'll have gained even MORE weight by then.

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