Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Spittlefish turned 9 a couple weeks ago.  Can't believe how quickly time passes.  Sometimes I still can't believe I'm a parent.  Mentioned to Spittlefish on a walk a few weeks ago that I'm still not so sure I've got this motherhood thing figured out and admitted to him that I'm pretty much just "winging" it.  He told me I can just look it up on the computer.  Glad someone has confidence in my abilities.  'Cuz seriously, I really don't have a clue as to what I'm doing.

Tomorrow we head to the City for a lung scan and then a CF clinic appointment.  Got his bloodwork back from his pediatrician appointment last week -- looks like his vitamin levels, glucose, liver function, etc. is all normal.  Culture reports weren't finalized yet.  Despite the massive amounts of antibiotics he's on, always seems to be growing something.

Three years ago we spent 3 weeks in the City at the Children's Hospital because Spittlefish had surgery due to an obstruction.  Looked back at some photos on facebook of him.  What a baby face at age 6!  Wow, he was so little.  Amazed at what a tough cookie he is.

9 years old!

After our appointments tomorrow, we're headed to Legoland at the Mall and to the Science Museum.  Just a short jaunt and then we'll be heading to the lake for the weekend to visit the grandparents.

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